Alyssa Greiner

Spokesperson, Clinical Trials For All

Alyssa serves as the spokesperson for Clinical Trials For All, a noncommercial initiative with the goal of increasing clinical trial participation. With a passion for bridging the gap between patients, research, and care, she has built her career across the drug development and clinical trial landscape, collaborating with a diverse portfolio of industry partners. She empowers patient advocates to amplify their voices and works directly with clinical trial patients to help them share their stories and educate others about the power of research as a care option. 

Talk to Alyssa about these topics and more:  

  • Dispelling misconceptions about clinical research  
  • Enabling research in underrepresented communities  
  • Bringing health care practices into clinical research  

About Clinical Trials For All

Founded in 2023, Clinical Trials For All is a noncommercial campaign to educate, engage, and empower patients by raising awareness of clinical research as care. Partnering with health science companies, patient advocates, and patients themselves, we work to increase participation in clinical research and give back to an industry that’s given so much to the future of medicine. Learn how you can make a difference at

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