Carl Stevens, Ph.D. 

Copy Manager & Scientific Copywriter, SCORR Marketing

Carl Stevens elevates SCORR’s content strategy as copy manager and scientific copywriter. He has built a strong foundation over a decade of experience in marketing copywriting and scientific publishing, including a recent chapter in The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity and Emotions. Carl leverages his training and creativity to produce exceptional content. His repertoire spans a wide array of formats, including website copy, white papers, articles, and social media posts, translating complex scientific concepts into engaging and informative content. At the helm of the copy team, he fosters collaboration with subject matter experts, project managers, writers, and designers, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, timely content that propels clients toward their goals. Carl earned his Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, mentored by his dissertation chair, Frank Amthor, a leading vision researcher. For more information, visit  

Talk to Carl about these topics and more:  

  • The intersection of science and storytelling in content creation
  • The role of content strategy in building life science brands
  • Navigating the challenges of integrating scientific accuracy and audience engagement
  • Collaborative approaches to content creation in a multidisciplinary team
  • Insights into transitioning academic writing to marketing communications

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